Corporate Philosophy

CoorsTek Group’s Mission, Vision & Values

  • Vision

    We make the world measurably better.

  • Mission

    CoorsTek is the partner of choice for technology & manufacturing companies worldwide, whose success requires the unique, high-performance properties of products manufactured from engineered ceramics & advanced materials.

    We offer the absolute value unparalleled:

    • Unsurpassed expertise in materials engineering
    • Broad research, development, and manufacturing capabilities
    • Operational excellence
    • Highly collaborative, responsive, and reliable relationships
  • Values
    • Dignity. In everything, we do to others what we would have them do to us.
    • Integrity. We do what we say. We say what we mean.
    • Customer-focus. We create outstanding value for our customers.
    • Teamwork. We work together to make our company the best.

CoorsTek KK’s Corporate Philosophy

  1. Prioritizing the Customer
    We accord the highest priority to customers' satisfaction by providing value-rich products and services based on new perspectives and dynamic ideas.
  2. Enhancing Corporate Value
    Through constant change in management practices and technological innovation, we strive to garner the trust and meet the expectations of all who are stakeholders in the CoorsTek Group.
  3. Contributing to Society
    We place the highest consideration on human safety and environmental conservation, and as a good corporate citizen, we aim to achieve a symbiotic relationship with the global community and local communities in which we have a presence by contributing to their developments.
  4. Conducting Fair Business
    We are fully aware of our social responsibilities as a corporate entity, and we obey the rules and established norms of Japan and other countries as we conduct business fairly and with integrity.
  5. Respecting the Individual
    We respect each employee's individuality and creativity, and we foster a fair and generous environment in which he or she can grow and evolve as an individual.

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