Basic Environmental Policy

Basic Environmental Policy of CoorsTek Group

As a solutions provider, the CoorsTek Group endeavors to satisfy customers' demands by creating and delivering materials, parts and services with precision in the semiconductor, liquid crystal, energy, environment and bio fields. In carrying out our activities, we promote environmental conservation with the belief that the Earth's resources are invaluable. Accordingly, CoorsTek Group promotes the following management concepts.

  1. Position environmental protection as a critical issue at the heart of our business.
  2. Adhere to environmental laws, environmental guidelines embraced by CoorsTek Group, and other voluntary environmental protection standards.
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and prevent pollution.
  4. The Group has voluntarily set action plans such as energy conservation to help prevent global warming, including policies such as zero emissions through the efficient use of resources and the reduction of the use of chemical substances.
  5. Promote green procurement, including selecting raw materials that have minimal environmental impact.
  6. Contribute to society by developing and providing superior environmental technology and products, cooperating with communities, and undertaking environmental protection activities in general.

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