Carbon (C)

High-Purity Carbon and Graphite Products

Image of High-Purity Carbon and Graphite Products

Our high purity graphite materials are widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing process as heaters and crucibles for pulling single crystal silicon and
boats for liquid phase epitaxial growth. In addition, CLEAR CARBON™, composed of an SiC surface coating on a high purity graphite substrate, has earned a reputation
world wide for excellent quality as susceptors for epitaxial growth and other jigs.

Carbon Brushes

Image of Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes have a very important role as parts providing electric current in order to rotate motors. CoorsTek’ carbon brushes are widely employed in various types of motors in such basic industries as electric power plants, iron and steel works, public transportation, and also in familiar products such as automobiles, electric appliance, and computer peripherals.


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