Monolithic Refractories

Monolithic refractories include castable, plastic, and ramming materials exhibiting properties that outperform traditional refractory bricks. They are widely used in the construction of new kilns and furnaces and in the repair of older ones, and in a variety of other applications.

Refractories for the Glass Industry

These products, which display excellent resistance to corrosion from molten glass, corrosive steam, and drastic changes in temperature, reliably meet the varying needs of users.

Kiln Furniture for Sintering Electronic Parts

Image of Kiln Furniture for Sintering Electronic Parts

CoorsTek supplies an extensive range of kiln furniture for use in such electronic component heat treatment as pure alumina, alumina-mullite, and electro-fused zirconia, to satisfy the wide-ranging demands of its customers. By providing products that facilitate automated and energyefficient heat treatment, we contribute to the advancement of heat treatment technology.

GLASSUN Fused Silica Rfractories

Image of GLASSUN Fused Silica Rfractories

GLASSUN refractories consist of mainly high purity fused silica materials. The major products are divided roughly into the GLASSUN Series, shaped by slip casting, the GLASSUN CASTABLE Series of monolithic refractories, and GLASSUN CEMENT.
GLASSUN has many superior properties, including high resistance to thermal shock due to a very low thermal expansion rate, low thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance to chemical substances and molten metals. Moreover, it can be fabricated into various sizes, including very large sizes, as well as into complex shapes.


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