NEOBONE Ceramic Bone Substitutes

NEOBONE Allows Deep Penetration of Newly Generated Bone to Aid Speedy Bone Formation

There were some disadvantages with the conventional synthetic bone substitutes.

 Hydroxyapatite, the principal constituent material of human bone and teeth, is well known as a safe material. Some companies sell types of porous hydroxyapatite artificial bone filling material, but because new bone can only be grown on the surface of the artificial material after osteoplasty, all these types tend to lack strength and involve long patient recovery times.

NEOBONE allows deep penetration of newly generated bone to aid speedy bone formation.

The Hydroxyapatite synthetic bone substitute, NEOBONE, a new functional synthetic bone filler, is a solution to the common problems of all existing bone filler materials. Based on the notion that a necessary requirement of a bone filler is its ability to allow biological tissue to grow speedily inside the grafted area (newly generated bones), it has a porous structure that facilitates the tissue to penetrate the structure and aids new tissue formation.

NEOBONE has a porous structure
NEOBONE has a porous structure

NEOBONE realizes speedy tissue generation.

Loss Filled with Granular Bone Substitute
Loss Filled with Granular Bone Substitute

In principal, studies (animal tests) of NEOBONE's bone conduction ability, the rapid growth of the biological tissue into the specimen and more favorable bone conduction (manifestation of new bone formation capability and exhibition of strength) compared with the conventional synthetic bone substitutes were confirmed. Also, in clinical exercises, it is expected to demonstrate rapid bone formation and strength. NEOBONE also offers a number of benefits for patients, such as a significant reduction in physical and emotional stress during recuperation, reduced medical costs, and shorter rehabilitation periods.

Unique porous structure offers higher strength, easy handling, and excellent machinability.

NEOBONEIn order to allow penetration of biological tissues into the bone structure, if the porosity becomes higher and the interconnecting pore size larger, the strength of the synthetic bone decreases markedly in the conventional synthetic bone substitute.
The frame portion of the pore of NEOBONE is made of very dense sintered hydroxyapatite, and so has enough strength in handling during grafting operations, or against mechanical loads. At the same time, it has excellent machinability, which enables it to process/machine at the time of operations.

More applications in Regenerative Medicine are expected!

More applications in Regenerative Medicine

Since NEOBONE has excellent biocompatibility and adequate strength that results in easy handling, it has a potentially higher scope for applications in fields such as regenerative medicine and as scaffolds in tissue engineering.

The safe and favorable bone conduction ability have been proven both in the principal studies and the clinical tests.

In the principal tests (animal tests), the biological tissues's rapid penetration into the NEOBONE r structure and the bone conduction ability are confirmed, and its porous structure is proved effective. Also, in the clinical tests, where the product was used for various cases, no inflammation was observed after the grafting operations. In more than half the cases, X-ray evaluations revealed that bone development occurred in the grafted areas within a short span of two months, which demonstrated the safe and excellent bone conduction properties of NEOBONE.

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