Large-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs

Image of Large-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs
Image of Large-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs

The T-4000 series of synthetic quartz glass boasts not only high purity, but also a great number of other highly desirable properties such as superior heat resistance, light transmittance, electrical insulation, and chemical stability. In addition, the properties of synthetic quartz glass and the advanced technology of polishing make photomask substrates suitable for exposure process of minute pattern in the manufacture of large liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Standard Product Sizes

Dimensions (mm)
QZ-TFP 390×610×6T QZ-TFP 450×550×5T
QZ-TFP 500×750×8T QZ-TFP 620×720×8T
QZ-TFP 520×610×10T QZ-TFP 700×800×8T
QZ-TFP 520×800×10T QZ-TFP 800×920×8T
QZ-TFP 800×920×10T QZ-TFP 700×1100×10T
QZ-TFP 850×1200×10T  
QZ-TFP 850×1400×10T  
QZ-TFP 1220×1400×13T  
Please inquire about specifications (flatness and parallelness etc).
High quality products are also available (flatness≪10microm, defect of the appearance: ≪2microm)

Transmittance Measurement

Image of Transmittance Measurement
CoorsTek’ large photomask substrates have a transmittance of 90% or higher at wavelengths of 250 nm and above.

Exposure processes

The exposure process is one of the most important processes which determines the resolution of a liquid crystal panel.
This is the process in which the light is transmitted through the lens and the photomask is projected onto the glass substrate.

Proximity system
Image of Chart of Proximity system

Producing Photomasks for LCD Production

Image of Large-scale photomask saustrate

Large-scale photomask substrate
The synthetic quartz glass substrate with advanced polishing finish is shipped.

Image of Blanks

Then, the chrome filme (shading film) is coated to make Blanks.

Image of Resist Coating

Resist Coating
Next, resist (exposure material) is applied onto the Blanks.

Image of Drawing

The pattern is made with a drawing machine.

Image of Developing

Then, the unnecessary resist is removed from the patterned mask.

Image of Etching

Next, the unnecessary chrome is dissolved from the patterned mask.

Finally, the patterned mask is inspected and measured.

After the mask passes inspection, it is washed with pure water and is shipped.

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