Base and Organization

Business Developments through Innovation and New Core Technologies

Technology Development Center (Hatano, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Since its inception in 1971, the Technology Development Center has been developing new materials and innovative technologies to support various industries, such as semiconductor and electronics related materials and parts and structural ceramics.

In the electronics-related market, which has been the central business domain of the Company, we have been developing functional and structural materials and parts with the keyword integrated technologies, and we aim to expand our business further in the semiconductor, FPD, and optical communication fields. As we enter new business domains, we are focusing on bio, energy and environment, and are actively pushing development of materials. In addition, we are continuing to refine our evaluation and design technologies, which will form the basis of this development.

At the Technology Development Center, we aim to make CoorsTek a world-class, leading-edge enterprise in the fields of highly functional materials and parts. As the engine of the Company, we intend to increase corporate value and competitiveness through medium and long-term research and development.

Main Research at the Technology Development Center

Technology Development for Highly Functional Materials and Parts
  • Materials such as quartz glass and alumina nitride and parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Materials for environment-related materials such as carbonic acid gas absorption materials and photo catalysts activated by visible light
  • Bio-related materials such as artificial bone filler materials and bio-reactors and parts
Development of Evaluation and Design Technologies
  • Micro-quantity chemical analysis technology
  • Advanced high level apparatus analysis technology
  • Product Design, process design and evaluation technology using computer simulation

Technology Development Organization

CoorsTek has built a technology development organization which takes a systematic approach in the creation of new businesses. It is the center by a Technology Development Center which is responsible for allocating the best resources for new product development, new businesses, technology strategy for core technology innovations, and speed-to-market development. The new business development group also discusses research themes that will systematically support the Companys business.

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