Basic Purchasing Policy

  1. Optimized Global Procurement
    Based on fair and impartial market principles, we conduct business with suppliers who provide the best quality, price and delivery terms, regardless of location.
  2. Building Trust
    We generate mutually profitable relationships based on trust. Confidential information obtained during the course of business is not disclosed outside the company.
  3. Compliance
    We regard compliance with the law as the basis of every transaction.
  4. Green Purchasing
    Our procurement activities give priority to environmentally-conscious products and services.
  5. Conflict Minerals Policy
    We do not purchase conflict minerals or materials or products that use metals derived from conflict minerals which come from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its neighboring countries, where such minerals may serve as funding sources for militia groups that commit human rights abuses. We kindly request that our suppliers also be transparent in their procurement of materials and parts.

Becoming a CoorsTek Group Supplier

The following shows the basic process from the time a supplier approaches us until when the product is evaluated and a contract concluded. Please inquire regarding more detailed information on submitting quotations and the purchase of samples for production trials.

Image of Becoming a Toshiba Ceramics Supplier

Proposals and Inquiries

The CoorsTek Group actively solicits proposals from suppliers and accepts information without bias from companies wishing to engage in business with us.

In addition to quality, delivery time, price and service level, we are especially interested in hearing from suppliers with products or services that help protect the environment. We engage in activities to help further raise the corporate value of our company and that of our suppliers.

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