Manufacturing Sites and Purchasing Office

The CoorTek Group engages in optimized procurement activities as a group. Our purchasing offices are listed blow. When contacting us, please tell us you viewed our website.

Oguni Facility
Production Item Quartz glass products, carbon products, silicon carbide products, silicon wafers
Purchasing Office TEL 0238-62-5905
FAX 0238-62-5186
Hatano Facility
Production Item Silicon materials, ceramic filters
Purchasing Office TEL 0463-81-1142
FAX 0463-83-0851
Kariya Facility
Production Item Fine ceramics, refractories
Purchasing Office TEL 0566-21-2246
FAX 0566-21-6365
CoorsTek Tokuyama Corporation
Production Item Synthetic quartz glass
Purchasing Office TEL 0834-32-9919
FAX 0834-22-5898
CoorsTek Nagasaki Corporation
Production Item Photomask substrates, quartz products, refractories
Purchasing Office TEL 0956-82-2705
FAX 0956-82-2330

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