“CERASIC-B” Direct Sintered SiC

Industrial furnace Components

“CERASIC-B” is suitable for applications at high temperature and corrosive atmosphere that metal components cannot be used.
Typical applications are radiant tube, thermocouple cover tube, and so on.
CoorsTek has capability for large items such as 2,000 mm large tube.

Excellent physical strength even at 1400 deg C.
・Excellent creep resistance (shape stability).
・High thermal conductivity and low heat capacity achieve easy temperature control and
   temperature distribution control.
・Excellent corrosion resistance.

Typical Applications
Radiant tubes for Firing Furnace, Carburizing Furnace, Annealing Furnace and so on.
・Thermocouple Cover Tube.
・Heater cover tube for melting furnace and holding furnace of non-ferrous metal.
・Gas introduction tube, furnace core tube(carbon nanotube(CNT), Graphene,
 Synthesis of metal ultrafine powder, Synthesis of ceramic.
・Heat exchanger tube


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