Crucibles for Solar- Battery Manufacturing

The main ingredient of CoorsTek’ silicon polycrystalline silicon melting crucibles is high purity melted silica. They exert minimum impact on polycrystalline silicon because they are resistant to thermal shocks and highly pure. They are susceptible to little size changes during molding, thanks to a special molding method that is used in their manufacture. They are therefore capable of accommodating large sizes and complex shapes.

Crucibles for Solar-Battery Manufacturing (square tank)

Crucibles for Solar-Battery Manufacturing (round tank)

Physical Properties (Typical Data)

Chemical composition (%) SiO2 99.5
Al203 0.2
Apparent porosity (%) 11.0
Bulk densisty 1.94
Bending strength (MPa) 16.0
Cold crushing strength (MPa) 65.0
Linear heat expansion rates (%) at 1000degrees 0.05
Refractoriness under load (degrees) T2 1260
Thermal Shock resistance Tcleg 1000
Thermal conductivity (W/m·K) at 500degrees 0.58
at 1000degrees 1.02

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