CERASIC Atmospheric Pressure Sintered SiC

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CERASIC, a silicon carbide material sintered under atmospheric pressure, is a ceramic material that has superior properties in terms of machining, abrasion, and corrosion-resistance to corrosive gas and chemicals. It is widely used in heat-treatment, and its long life property makes it a recognized contributor to low running costs and the reduction of industrial waste.
In addition, CoorsTek can make large-scale products of 1000mm or more that is the largest size in the world as ceramic materials. (Plates: 1000X1000mm or more, Tubes: 2000mm or more in length)

Square beam of kiln furniture, protection tube for thermocouple

Radiant tubes, heat-exchange tubes


  • Radiant tubes
    Vacuum carburinzing furnace, vacuum or annealing furnaces, enamel kiln, heater tube for aluminum die casting, steam heater
  • Large reaction vessel·Process Tubes
    Carbon manufacture, fine metal powder manufacture
  • Protection tube for thermocouple
    Thermocouple protection tube for melting nonferrous metal, thermocouple protection tube for incinerator
  • Heat-exchange tubes
    Heat exchanger for high temperature use, Air heater of incinerator

CERASIC Properties

Bulk density (d) g/m3 3.15
Bending strength (R.T) MPa 450
(1450degrees) MPa 450
Young's modulus (E) GPa 420
Poisson's ratio     0.18
Shear modulus (E/d) 106m 12.6
Vickers hardness     2300
Fracture toughness (KIC) MPa·m1/2 3.5
Coefficient of thermal expension   10-6/K 4.5
Thermal conductivity (lamba) W/mK 170
Thermal diffusivity (lamba/cd) cm2/s 0.8
Thermal shock resistance (deltaT) degree 450
Electrical conductivity (R.T) omega·cm 104-106

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