Note: As of July 1, 2013, Tokai Ceramics is no longer a subsidiary of CoorsTek due to the transfer of Tokai Ceramics’ stock.

Monolithic Refractories

Monolithic refractories include castable, plastic, and ramming materials exhibiting properties that outperform traditional refractory bricks. They are widely used in the construction of new kilns and furnaces and in the repair of older ones, and in a variety of other applications. TOCAST-SUPER high-strength fine castable refractories, developed by CoorsTek, are two to three times as strong as previously available castables, and maintain their strength under medium-range temperatures. They are used in places where high corrosion/abrasion resistance is required, such as tundish linings, cement manufacturing equipment, and furnace floors. In places where insulation and strength are required at high temperature, such as tundish cover, tundish wall and skid pipe, the newly developed ceramic fiber-added castable CASTYNA can be used. CASTYNA will meet the varying requirements of customers.

TOCAST Castable Refractory

TOCAST is a powdered castable refractory. This refractory is mixed with purified water, poured into a mould, and then trowelled on. After 24 hours, it forms solid refractories and refractory blocks.

TOCAST-SUPER Fine Castable Refractory

TOCAST-SUPER is a very fine and strong castable refractory. After a specific amount of a proprietary compound is added, it is poured into a mould. This refractory is mainly used for the wall lining of industrial furnaces, where a very high level of abrasion resistance is required, and for the wall lining of smelting furnaces, where a high level of corrosion resistance is required.

TOSHOT Sprayed Refractory

TOSHOT is a sprayed refractory with outstanding adhesion and hydraulicity. No mould need be used, reducing work time, and making this product ideal for emergency and repair work. Moreover, the reduction in rebound loss helps to keep costs down, and the product is very effective in increasing service life, due to homogenisation of the work piece.

TOCAST L Heat Insulating Castable Refractory

TOCAST L is a heat insulation castable refractory that uses lightweight aggregate with excellent heat insulation properties. This refractory is mixed with purified water and poured into a mould, and then trowelled on. It is principally used for backing insulation of furnace walls and ceilings, and occasionally for direct wall lining.


CoorsTek has a wide range of special castable refractories, with special characteristics such as abrasion resistance, high thermal strength, anti-spalling properties, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, chemical resistance, etc. customers can select the best product to suit their situations.

CASTYNA Special Heat Insulation Castable Refractory

CASTYNA is special heat insulation castable refractory that is a ceramic-fibre, high-alumina refractory, containing a proprietary compound. Purified water is added, and the mixture can then be poured into a mould or applied as a coating. It is principally used for the direct wall lining of furnace walls and ceilings, and its excellent heat insulation properties enable it to extend the service life of the furnace.

TOPLAST Plastic refractory

TOPLAST contains a heat-resistant aggregate, clay, caking additive and water and comes in a wet soil form, which is packaged in cardboard boxes lined with polyethylene sheets or packed in cans. After being opened at the worksite, an air rammer or mallet can be used to fashion the material at will into a furnace wall, ceiling or floor. It is also extremely effective for conducting partial repairs on damaged sections and emergency repairs.

TORAM Ramming Refractory

TORAM is a ramming refractory (stamp material), formed by combining heat-resistant aggregate and the right quantity of binder. It comes as a dry powder. It can be hardened (stamped) using air tools and vibrators. TORAM is available in many different materials, including alumina, silica and magnesia, etc., and is principally used for wall lining and the repair of sections of smelting furnaces that directly contact molten metal and slag.


TOCAST BLOCK is a castable refractory that is pre-cast at CoorsTek into a predetermined shape. It is extremely useful for a section of a furnace wall or other refractory structures which require precise dimensions or replacement. Using pre-formed and dried or calcinated blocks helps to reduce work time. Moreover, blocks can be formed into complex shapes and large sizes, thereby contributing significantly to simplifying the work. In particular, blocks produced from fine castable refractory (TOCAST-SUPER) are strong and of very fine structure, and therefore have excellent corrosion resistance to molten metal and glass. Furthermore, because of its superior abrasion resistance, it is often used as an alternative to traditional sintered bricks and electrocast refractories.

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