CERASIC Atmospheric Pressure Sintered SiC

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General Industrial Products CERASIC Atmospheric Pressure Sintered SiC

CERASIC , a silicon carbide material sintered under atmospheric pressure, is a ceramic material for structure that has the superior properties of high thermal strength, high hardness and high elasticity.
They are, therefore, capable of protecting from shocks during road excavations when laying the optical fiber under the ground or the construction making the joint trench for electric wires, and preventing the conduit materials from damage. We can use it for max.300×300mm.


Protection plate
Image of Protection plate

CERASIC Properties (Typical Data)

Bulk density (d) g/cm3 3.1
Bending strength (R.T) MPa 450
(1450degrees) MPa 450
Young's modulus (E) GPa 420
Poisson's ratio   0.18
Shear modulus (E/d) 106m 12.6
Vickers hardness   2300
Fracture toughness (KIC) MPa・m1/2 3.5
Coefficient of thermal expension   10-6/K 4.5
Thermal conductivity (lamba) W/mk 170
Thermal diffusivity (lamba/cd) cm2/s 0.8
Thermal shock resistance (△T) degree 450
Electrical conductivity (R.T) omega・cm 100-106

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