Alumina (Al2O3)

CEPURE In-Line Gas Filters

Image of CEPURE In-Line Gas Filters

CoorsTek offers The M Series adopted hexagonal multichannel elements, TM Series improved the gas displacement properties, STM Series with reductions in size, and STM-V Series to our line of products in order to meet the requirements of integration-type gas panels, which are becoming the mainstream in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry.

Vacuum-Break Filters

Image of Vacuum-Break Filters

Simply installing a break filter to the nitrogen gas vent port of the load lock chamber improves throughput by eliminating the need for slow venting. It also reduces atmospheric particle counts by preventing particle dispersion.

SAPPHAL High-Purity Translucent Alumina Ceramics

Image of SAPPHAL High-Purity Translucent Alumina Ceramics

CoorsTek’ translucent poly-crystal alumina ceramics, SAPPHAL, display high purity and excellent corrosion resistance to fluorine gas, and show an excellent performance as semiconductor processing parts. Utilizing manufacturing technology, dome shapes, large size plates, and rings are available, giving the customer design flexibility.

ADS High-Purity Alumina Ceramics

Image of ADS High-Purity Alumina Ceramics

ADS is a high density alumina ceramics, with an abrasionresistance and low water absorption rate of 0.01% or less.As well as possessing high mechanical strength, ADS features excellent electrical insulation, and stability against chemicals. ADS is widely employed as parts and jigs for the semiconductor industry.

Monolithic Refractories

Monolithic refractories include castable, plastic, and ramming materials exhibiting properties that outperform traditional refractory bricks. They are widely used in the construction of new kilns and furnaces and in the repair of older ones, and in a variety of other applications.

Refractories for the Glass Industry

These products, which display excellent resistance to corrosion from molten glass, corrosive steam, and drastic changes in temperature, reliably meet the varying needs of users.

Kiln Furniture for Sintering Electronic Parts

Image of Kiln Furniture for Sintering Electronic Parts

CoorsTek supplies an extensive range of kiln furniture for use in such electronic component heat treatment as pure alumina, alumina-mullite, and electro-fused zirconia, to satisfy the wide-ranging demands of its customers. By providing products that facilitate automated and energyefficient heat treatment, we contribute to the advancement of heat treatment technology.


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