Quartz/Silica (SiO2)

High-Purity Quartz Glass Products

Image of High-Purity Quartz Glass Products

In the semiconductor industry, the excellent properties of our quartz and silica glass can be fully utilized in such products as crucibles for pulling single crystal silicon; bell jars for epitaxial growth; process tubes, boats and other jigs for heat treatment such heat treatment as oxidation and diffusion; and cleaning baths. In addition, such properties of synthetic quartz glass as its high purity and low thermal expansion make it suitable for photomask materials essential to LSI lithography processes.

Large-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs

Image of Large-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs

The T-4000 series of synthetic quartz glass is extremely pure, with metal impurities less than one-tenth that of ordinary quartz glass. The glass is highly homogenous
and contains few striae or bubbles, thus yielding excellent ultraviolet transmittance. Therefore, it is widely used as substrates for photomasks in the manufacture of
large liquid crystal displays (LCDs).


Crucibles for Solar-Battery Manufacturing

Image of Crucibles for Solar-Battery Manufacturing

The main ingredient of CoorsTek’ silicon polycrystalline silicon melting crucibles is high purity melted silica. They exert minimum impact on polycrystalline
silicon because they are resistant to thermal shocks and are highly pure. They are susceptible to little size changes during molding, thanks to a special molding method that is used in their manufacture. They are, therefore, capable of accommodating large sizes and complex shapes.

Monolithic Refractories

Monolithic refractories include castable, plastic, and ramming materials exhibiting properties that outperform traditional refractory bricks. They are widely used in the construction of new kilns and furnaces and in the repair of older ones, and in a variety of other applications.

Refractories for the Glass Industry

These products, which display excellent resistance to corrosion from molten glass, corrosive steam, and drastic changes in temperature, reliably meet the varying needs of users.


GLASSUN Fused Silica Refractories

Image of GLASSUN Fused Silica Refractories

GLASSUN refractories consist of mainly high purity fused silica materials. The major products are divided roughly into the GLASSUN Series, shaped by slip casting, the GLASSUN CASTABLE Series of monolithic refractories, and GLASSUN CEMENT.
GLASSUN has many superior properties, including high resistance to thermal shock due to a very low thermal expansion rate, low thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance to chemical substances and molten metals. Moreover, it can be fabricated into various sizes, including very large sizes, as well as into complex shapes.

Silica Glass Crucibles for Glass Industry

Image of Silica Glass Crucibles for Glass Industry

CoorsTek produces silica glass crucibles specifically for optical glass industry.


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