ADS High-Purity Alumina Ceramics

ADS high-density alumina ceramics is a sintered material with a low moisture absorption rate of 0.01% or less. It has many applications in various industries as various structure parts due to its excellent electric insulation, high strength, and abrasion-resistance, etc. Additionally, thanks to its high resistance to acids, alkali, and halogen plasma, it has applications as parts and jigs in the semiconductor and FPD industries.

ADS Applications

  • Etching and ashing device parts
  • Components for CVD devices
  • Lapping plates for wafer polishing
  • Wafer conveyor arms

Various large size parts and complex shapes are also available.

Image of ADS Lap Plates

ADS Lap Plates

Physical Properties (Typical Data)

  ADS-11 ADS-12
Alumina content % 99.5 99.5
Bulk density g/cm3 3.90 3.92
Absorption density % <0.01 <0.01
Average crystal diameter micro meter 6 20
Bending strength MPa 350 s330
Young's modulus GPa 360 360
Vickers hardness (HU.5kgf) Gpa 16.0 16.0
Fracture toughness Mpa·m1/2 4.5 4.2
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20-900degree)X10-6/K 7.8 7.8
Thermal conductivity (20degree) W/mk 30.0 30.0
Thermal Shock resistance (deltaT)degree 220 200
Max. service tenperature degree 1500 1600
Electrical conductivity (20-100degrees)·cm >1016 >1016
Dielectric constant (20degrees,10GHz) 9.9 9.9
tan (20degrees,10GHz)X10-4 10.0 10.0

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