High-Purity Silicon Materials

High-purity silicon parts, which have the same degree of purity as silicon wafers, generate almost no contamination and considerably fewer particles. Although the standard product is manufactured in a plate shape, it can also be produced as a rod or a ring. Furthermore, high-precision machining that was once considered difficult when producing parts is now possible. Therefore, there are great expectations regarding its application in various processes.

Image of High-Purity Silicon Materials
High-Purity Silicon Parts

Product Properties (Typical Data)

Size Type Typical resistivity Oxygen density
(omega·cm) (1018 atoms/cm3)
phai200XL P/N 1-20 0.5-2.0
phai300XL P/N 1-20 0.5-2.0
phai400XL P/N 1-20 0.5-2.0

Physical Properties (Typical Data)

Bulk density
g/cm3 2.33
Bending strength
MPa max 300
Young's modulus
GPa 190
Coefficient of thermal expansion
10-6/K 3.9
Thermal conductivity
(Room temp.) W/mk 157
Electrical conductivity
omega·cm 1-20
Max. service temperature
degree 1300

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